Have your album created and designed for you
Please send an e mail to snapcatcher@telkomsa.net

Order a FREE copy of the software on cd
Please send an e mail to info@snapcatcher.co.za

I want to create an album

1. Start the 'Album Wizard'
Once the programme has been opened, click on the 'New Album' button.

2. Name your album
When prompted, type in the name of your album under 'Album description'.

3. Select photos
Select the photos you would like to include by selecting the required folder on the left-hand side of the screen and then selecting the photos. Multiple selections are done by holding the control key down while selecting the photos.

4. Select an album type/ format
Select the album size and cover type you prefer.

5. Select an initial page layout
Select the initial page design for your album, including the number of pages and the page layout. Also select whether you would like to manually fill the album with photos or prefer your album to be auto-filled.

6. Select a background
Select the initial background to be used throughout your album. You may select a solid colour as background, or select a background image from the list provided.

I want to edit/work on my album

1. Page through your album
To proceed from your current page to another page you may either click on the required page thumbnail in the page list, or use the flipping buttons (previous, next, first, last) above the page list.

2. Fill in photos
You may fill in photos by by dragging the photo from the photo list onto the page area - either on an empty placeholder or an empty space on the page.

3. Add or change the background image
From 'Backgrounds' in the tools menu, select the required background thumbnail and drag it onto the page. If you prefer a solid colour as background, click on the 'Colour' button and select a colour.

4. Apply frames
From 'Frames' in the tools menu, select a frame and drag in onto the required photo on the page area.

5. Apply masks
From 'Masks' in the tools menu, select a mask and drag it onto the required photo on the page area.

6. Apply effects
From 'Effects' in the tools menu, select an effect and drag it onto the required photo on the page area.

7. Add text
From 'General Design' in the tools menu click on the 'Add Text' button and then click on the page area. You may also right click on an empty space on the page area and select 'Add a new text' from the drop menu. A dialogue box appears in which you may type in and format your text.

8. Add clip-art
Select 'Design | Clip-art | add clip-art' from the main menu, select the required clip-art file and click 'OK'. The clip-art will appear on the page area.

I want to order my album

Follow steps 1 and 2 below. Burn your album onto a disc or flash drive and send to:

Snap Catcher
P.O. Box 14032

Or send an e mail to info@snapcatcher.co.za if you would like to deliver your CD personally. Once CD is received,payment must be made before the printing process begins. An e mail can be sent to snapcatcher@telkomsa.net for banking details.

1. Start the 'Ordering Process Wizard'
Click on the 'Order' button on the top right-hand corner (above the photo menu).

2. Fill in your order details
Type in the number of copies, paper type, and album cover type you require. A preview of your album is displayed on the right-hand side of the screen. By clicking on the 'Show Preview' button you may page through an enlarged preview of the album.

3. Select a shipment method
Fill in if you would like to collect your album or if it must be sent to you. Please also select that you will bring order in yourself.

4. Please e mail us to get our banking details as payment must be made before printing commences.

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